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  • Jim Kennedy
    Jim Kennedy

    59, Contractor, Boynton Beach, FL

    "I've been running saws and hammer drills for 40 years and my hearing was shot.  I tried this on a whim and was really impressed.  It took a little work to get the right size ear dome, but the instructions helped.  Now I don't have to miss my granddaughters silly jokes anymore. I'm happy."
  • Tom Morneau
    Tom Morneau

    68, Retired Accountant, Kansas City, KS

    "My hearing started to go years ago but I was too proud and too poor to do anything about it.  I am glad I found these, I can hear better on my bird hunting trips and my wife can watch tv with me again since the volume is back to normal."
  • Lydia Morris
    Lydia Morris

    70, Retired Teacher, Moscow, Idaho

    "It never occurred to me that teaching music could eventaully cause hearing loss. But a few years ago I noticed I couldn't hear certain parts of musical scores.  So I had an audiologist check me out, and they wanted $7000 for hearing aids!  That's just not possible on my pension.  So I was thrilled to find Soundwise. These fit easily in my ear and I noticed right away a huge difference. Now I'm noticing parts of music that I hadn't heard in over 1o years.  My church friends haven't even noticed I have them. I'm so happy, I came back to get my husband a pair!"
  • Merrick Cobb
    Merrick Cobb

    72, Power Plant Superintendent, Bakersfield, California

    "I was hoping to find an affordable hearing aid and these were right in my budget.  I was skeptical they would do much. The first thing I did was go to my favorite lunch place. It's so noisy in there I can never hear the waitress. This time I had a very nice chat with her, and she seemed happy that I didn't make her repeat herself three and four times.  I am very pleased."